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    1. I’m not sure that is necessarily true, to be fair. It’s possible she is just lying, or that her memories have merged with those of the Echidna that left the tomb as “Lewes Omega.” Or she could be different, but be lying about not knowing things about her past, and could very well be just as much of a calamity as the Echidna Subaru knows was. Which would give Subaru plenty of reason to mistrust her, even if she hadn’t personally done anything bad to him.

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    “Emilia is MY Waifu” – Natsuki Subaru, arc 5. Famous words.

    Can’t wait to find out more about Crusch’s affliction and the nature of the dragon blood poison.

    Also thank god no Echidna. Anything but Echidna. Her tea parties back in arc 4 were somehow so bland.

  2. Great work, as always.

    The end of Arc 4 revealed that the original Echidna and “dream world” Echidna are not one and the same being. It also showed us “Lewes Omega” leaving Sanctuary, though I’m unsure which “version” of Echidna that could be.

    In all likelihood, it seems that Echidna (original recipe) found a way to split her soul and create artificial spirits based on her own. We know this from Arc 4, but we were told back then that it didn’t work. However, hundreds of years had passed since Echidna (original recipe) was sealed in the tomb, and if her plans were as involved as I bet they were, finding a way to eventually loose herself into the world properly seems like it would have found progress.

    So this Echidna could be a prototype, of sorts. Sent into the world for whatever reason, similarly to the Lewes clones, as an experiment. Perhaps this experiment is finished now that Sanctuary is done, but I find it more likely that it is ongoing. I think it is plausible that the “Echidna” that Subaru knew is really just the first and greatest of the artificial spirits created by Echidna (original recipe), and that future copies could also exist. Perhaps this was done in the hopes of eventually being able to reincarnate herself, or perhaps they all have their own agenda.

    1. I don’t really understand all the hype about the corpse-switcheroo. As the story tells it, she was the one who separated and immortalized her consciousness in the alternate realm of the Tomb. Why would her consciousness be depicted as 100% accurate to her physical appearance?

      Don’t people fundamentally have a different perception of themselves than they may appear to others? In this dream world that operates outside of the bounds of reality, it doesn’t seem like a useful conversation. It could simply be a red herring for readers to agonize over while waiting for the release of Arc V.

      1. She strikes me as the type of person that would change her appearance for the trials simply to observe the reaction of the “conqueror” once they reach the final room. Then she’d jot it down in a notebook and say something like “Fascinating…”

        1. We’ve also been told that the personality of the Echidna in the Tomb was different from the personality of the Echidna from the past, so there’s plenty of reason to think that they are different individuals. For example: the Echidna in the past had a bit of empathy and emotion, even if she was a bit absurd – while the Echidna in the tomb dream space seemed incapable of understanding human emotions herself.

          Her physical appearance doesn’t need to be accurate, that’s true. It being different doesn’t mean that “she” is different. But the fact that we now know there are multiple “versions” of Echidna running around makes it all the more likely that the Echidna in the tomb is not really the “original.” It seems more likely to me that the original is simply in a form of stasis in her crystal, and that her version of her in the dream world (plus this version) are both simply artificial spirits she created with her own soul as the blueprint. In a similar way to how the Lewes clones are copied from the original Lewes.

  3. have you decied to do 1 a week insted of 2?
    becose for the last cuppel of weeks it’s been like that.
    I am fine if that is yoer desction but if it is can you update the home page?

  4. Perhaps its the writer reaching arc 5 thats demotivating anon. Idk. I just need an announcement from anon whenever he leaves, cause im getting really tired of checken the site a hundred times a day. Im still waiting on chapters 39 and 40. Anon!! please talk to us!! We really apreciiate the work ur putting in but goddamn ur worrying us. Just tell us something. :'(

    1. Man, I`m worried too.
      But I still have some hope that anon just is busy right now or have some problems and once they`re solved he`ll continue his work…
      Hope for the best, be ready for the worst.
      Anon-sama – we miss you :'(

  5. Anon I would really like it if you were more consistent with updates. It worries me. Sometimes I’ll check back for several days in a row and you won’t update. And other times you’ll spit em out like liters of puppies.

  6. Really excited for the next chapter. Re: Zero has basically been my life since I watched the anime in 2016. I tried to read the chapters on the Japanese web novels site a while ago with google translate, but that was incoherent as hell. So I’m very grateful that you are translating.

    1. Just have a little patience. If something would have happened to make him stop, he would have said something on reddit or tweeter. He is a decent guy

  7. Would be nice if could get a clue on if he is going to continue translating or not, anyhow I am gonna start learning Japanese language, it’s hard when you depend on someone for something so important. Rezero is life.

    1. But then you’ll just be depending on the author. It’s non-stop pain all the same. 🙂 And not like hiatuses of indefinite duration can’t happen then (khm.. Berserk.. khm). In the end the only certain way is to develop a split personality, and have one of them write the story while the other one reads it.

  8. We’re not entitled to anything and anon-sama has been very generous with his translations. That said, I hope anon is taking care, and not feeling pressured. Cheers.

  9. Hey, guys.
    Is there any info about what`s going on?
    `cause I, personally, know sh*t and I`m know more worried about well-being of Anon, than about translation of WN.

    1. Anon is freaking fine. His username on Reddit is Sartreist and he just commented on some rezero related post yesterday . I sent him a message but he didn’t reply. I think he left us to fend for ourselves. Ig all there is left to day is ty for the translations up till now. Everyone reading is just going to have either learn japanese or hope that someone else starts translating this amazing series which is my fucking life and ig I should’ve started learning japanese in 2016 . Rezero is addicting.

    1. And I completely agree with that. The only problem being. He has not let us know that he is taking a breaking. Checking the site multiples times a day with the hopes of seeing a new chapter is frustrating. I’m literally begging in my head” Pleaseeeeee be a new chp PLZZZZZZ” then I open up this and see nothing in the past two weeks I get really disappointed. Anywho I just want a heads up so we know not to check for now. Cause you never know he might be taking a break and is about to update. Or he will never update again . That’s what’s bugging me

  10. Its been a long while since you updated , while I am concerned I do hope you haven’t given up … There is no way I can perfect my Japanese language like this its gonna take a long time . Anyways its been fun and thanks for the efforts you put into these 38 chapters till now . I hope you continue !^^

    1. Yeah, you definitely are not. I’ve attempted to stoop to using google translate a couple of times to read ahead, but doing so only allows me to follow perhaps 50% of what is going on, which is not really good enough to enjoy things properly. It would be more like 25% if not for me knowing a small amount of Japanese, which makes it possible to “fix” errors in the google translated text occasionally, but still.

      Hope our friendly anon comes back soon! But I would be happy just to get a message knowing whether or not anon was planning to continue, or was just taking a break, or what. I’m fine with whatever, but checking back practically every day is nerve-wracking!

  11. It might be because there are barely any patrons. Translations chicken gets more than a thousand dollar per month for his translations. Sartreist-sama is only getting 28 dollars per post from only like 14 people. Rather than sit here and complain, become a patron. Support Sartreist-sama so he’ll feel like we really appreciate all work he’s been doing and that we really support him. What do you guys think?

    1. I think that he should say something, he owes us nothing but rezero is honestly something that remains in our hearts more than anything and we simply need more. I thought that he stopped his translation because chicken started with middle of the arc 6 now, so pretty much after anon is done with arc 5, he can pack his bags and kiss the doors. The reason chicken did is because pretty much if anon got to arc 6 before her, she could pack her bags instead.

    2. I do support him, but arguing that this is because of a lack of patrons seems odd. Most fan translators, historically, never get any money for their work – so why would that be a reason to stop doing so?

      It’s a matter of bad luck I think, that Translation Chicken gets all of the money. Translation Chicken marketed things better, and a lot of people I think don’t even know that translations this far ahead even “exist.” But that isn’t the fault of us here, and blaming fans for this seems odd.

      Ultimately, we don’t know what the reason is. If our friendly Discount Anon were willing to actually share the reasons for taking a break, or if this is a more permanent situation – then we would know. But given that this is a fan translation that, as you said, isn’t profitable – there’s no real obligation to any of us. I wish that we would get at least a short post explaining things however, given it has been more than two weeks now.

  12. Truly you’re an awesome guy, thank you so much for bringing this story to us for so long it really is amazing. I recently became a patron and will continue to support you! Breaks are fine too we all just love your work and are concerned if you’re ok. Hope you’re doing ok anon!

  13. I also donated as a patreon user for the work you do. Even if you don’t make any more content, the work you have done in the past is worth the donation. Hope you are doing well and I look forward to seeing more of your content!

  14. Not sure if it´s true but i read somewhere his internet got fucked. If that is true he will surely come back in the next days/weeks.
    patience brothers and sisters….

  15. Damn, I miss Sartreist translations so much. They were actually good to fight back my depression, always looking foward to something in the week. Please, come back 🙁

    1. Wow!!! I read the discussion going on at Reddit and I must say that I do mostly agree with what the moderators are saying with respect to the etiquettes towards our translators. I do however feel that a simple update to the general public could’ve easily squashed all of the subsequent comms that came after (Just my opinion). Nevertheless, we can never truly know what’s going on in someone’s life and I certainly wouldn’t like to be bombarded with the same messages about something I’m doing out of the kindness of my heart. In short, a simple message could’ve sufficed, but don’t be disrespectful or impatient if no reason or reply is provided. Let’s all be thankful we’ve been given something out of nothing from a private individual. As such, due respect should be given to their privacy. At the very least, I’m hoping for the best whatever happens,

      1. I agree completely, but I think Anon should of notified us of his break or reason to not post on Twitter or the site. We are just left in the dark. Who knows when he’ll be back? He could of simply wrote a “taking a break. Be back in (insert time here)” and non of these comments would exist. I of course think he deserves a break. He needs one. Just wish he would tell us. Meanwhile Translation Chicken has detailed essays of how his/her life is going at the end of any post and if he/she wants to take a break or has to delay an update for some reason, he/she tells us. (I don’t know translation chickens gender. I’ve seen people refer to him as a guy and girl.) -_-

        1. On the one hand, they might not know when (or if) they are coming back. On the other hand, a “Sorry, I am going on a break for an uncertain amount of time.” post could have easily cleared things up from the beginning. But on the third hand, they can’t be reasonably expected to share anything more if they don’t want to, and at this point in time that much (as in: “not dead, taking a break, no certain endpoint in the near future”) is already readily apparent without them saying anything.

  16. I must say, im really thankful for what the translator did, and ill be waiting for you my friend. im always checking if there are updates, so i’ll know if you come back. Dont worry and come back if ypu are willing to, most of us will wait for you.

  17. At this point I am pretty sure I had an addiction to this. It has been a whole month with no update, yet here I am, still checking the page up to four times a day hoping a new chapter has been released. We miss you Anon. C back whenever you feel like you have rested enough <3

  18. It’s been a long day without you, my friend
    And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
    We’ve come a long way from where we began
    Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

  19. Hay un amigo en mí, hay un amigo en mí
    Cuando eches a volar y tal vez añores tu dulce hogar
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    El tiempo pasará, lo nuestro no morirá
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  20. Damn… After being here on this site for so long and reading this Novel for such a long… I feel like I’ve lost a friend, where did you go man… I truly hope you didn’t die.

    1. I can’t tell if this is a joke or not, I really hope it is because there is no reason to be concerned about him, he would have told us if he was going to quit. He is probably just taking a long unannounced brake, I would call it common courtesy to leave a message before leaving but he is not obliged to do anything.

  21. He is kinda afk on reddit too, never fear guys, I started handling the basis of japanese, you are gonna get translation from me maybe in a year or two, maybe more, probably by the time chicken catches up.

      1. Doubt that I am MVP, but if I only knew earlier that I am gonna get so hooked up to rezero, I’d have started learning japanese long time ago.

  22. I respect your right to take a break and you deserve one, but i think we at least deserve a short sentence telling us that you are taking a break. That takes like no effort at all. Who knows where you are? You just left us here to worry about you. Who knows if you’re taking a break or if you’re dead on the side of the street? It’s been over a month. Screw the translation. I just want to know what’s up and how you’re doing.

  23. Yo so in an early thread I posted asking where to read the untranslated version Basal provided the site, google chrome automatically translates it, however it is not as good as anons translations but its is still readable, just an fyi

  24. There is hope at last!!!

    To be honest Basil, Chicken is doing a great service for the community. Taking over Anon is not a bad thing. Opportunities are there to be had. I think Chicken sama is looking to increase his audience and it’s only going to be a win-win situation for all concerned.

  25. Hey, when will you guys complete translations of complete arc 5 and 6. There’s been no posts or updates since Feb. At least tell us when your work on these will surely begin.

          1. Thank you Anon! Really appreciate this, I rarely read mangas and light novels but this is actually pretty good.

            Can’t wait for the OVA and hopefully the 2nd season.

  26. You are joking he DID have an accident? The shame of prejudice falls upon us (especially me). If you ever read this, please, PLEASE, take your time, there is no need to rush. We are grateful as it is

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